My name is Peach. I’m a Goffin’s Cockatoo, hatched sometime around 1983 in the United States by a captive breeder, not captured in the wild. My kind live in the wilds of Indonesia, just across the ocean from Australia, where most of the other kinds of cockatoos live. The scientific name for Goffin’s Cockatoo is Cacatua goffiniana, and we are sometimes called Tanimbar Corella, after the Tanimbar Islands where we live. We are known for our playfulness and our intelligence, as well as biting, screaming, and destroying things.

I am a very good student, but I do not talk. Some Goffin’s Cockatoos do learn to voice words, and some do not have an interest in mimicking human speech or other sounds. I communicate in other ways.

Some of the material on this site will be written by me (through my official ghost writer), and some of the content will be written by the human that I live with. We both hope you enjoy the site!